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Noona’s social media posts are bold, distinct, and brilliant; just like you and your products and services.

Study Your Brand

Free Onboarding Experience

Your 30-day free trial begins with our personalized discovery and setup phase. Once you sign up, our experienced and knowledgeable account manager will contact you to help you with the whole onboarding process.

Our free onboarding experience includes:

  • Complete analysis of your social media brand strategy
  • Sample content so you can check the quality you can expect
  • Checking our work and communication to ensure we are the right fit for you.


Schedule & Post

You can create too.
Feel like you want to create your own content? You can easily upload any content of your own or always check out our content library for an infinite amount of cool content.

Ridiculously Easy Scheduling
Our platform provides an easy-to-use yet very efficient scheduling system which allows you to easily drag and drop it in a specific date and time slot. You can also set up bulk schedules too!

The fastest way to approve our content.
We send you a link with all posts, each post an approval link, either you approve or send feedback. It’s that easy.

Your content and conversation, are organized.
All of your feedback, conversations, and content are in one place. No more toggling, searching, or looking for information.

Interactive reporting for data-driven decision-making
We provide a very comprehensive reporting by consolidating all your data so you can make very informed decisions.

Graphic Design

Thoughtful Posts...
Every Time.

First, we examine the brand closely; then we select each and every one of the images so they match the branding image, voice, or tone – to ensure relevance, timeliness, and engagement.

  • Logo overlays
  • Branded images
  • Limitless revisions

Video Editing

Yes, We Create
Reels, Shorts &
TikToks Too.

Video has quickly become the most popular form of content across all channels and marketing platforms. Why? The answer is simple: consumers love it! Videos give your audience an opportunity to get to know your business better by giving them an intimate look into what it is that you do. 

  • Engaging caption
  • Logo overlay
  • Licensed background music
  • Sound effects

Team Behind You

Captions &

Our creative writers will write your fresh and customized captions to boost engagement. We also research highly-traffic hashtags to increase your business visibility.

  • Creative writer
  • Proofreader
  • Graphic designer

customer Success

Dedicated Account Manager

Our knowledgeable and experienced account manager will always take care of your account promptly and efficiently.

  • Carefully listen to your request to understand your business
  • Extensively research your industry to gather all pertinent information
  • Evaluate your competitor’s content to determine and develop your strategic position
  • Create compelling images, unique captions, and niche hashtags tailored to your business that will target your audience
  • Create sample content to review and discuss with you before scheduling and launching it

Our Work

Gain trust

After filling out the form, you will be prompt to schedule a demo call with us.