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How a fully integrated marketing agency was able to achieve a quality social media presence and free up resources for the rest of the team

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Educational, Engaging & Brand Awareness

The Challenge

As a fully integrated marketing agency, SKY Marketing has always strived to provide service excellence. What started as one individual burdened with tasks spanning from graphic design and copywriting to email campaigns and social media management soon became unsustainable – especially since so many other agencies struggle with managing their own workload effectively. At this point, we decided to create Noona Social – an independent department within SKY Marketing, exclusively dedicated to handling all aspects of social media content creation and management, freeing up resources for the rest of our team members within this challenging industry.

Our Approach

Most of our clients are seeking the same thing from us. Therefore, we use a similar approach for each client- specifically adapting it based on their needs and wants. For SKY, we knew their branding inside out and had done extensive research into who they are trying to target as well as how they want themselves seen (creative but professional). As such, we approached this project with a corporate yet creative tone – combining information about what services they offer along with some ideas on marketing trends, providing helpful tips and tricks for marketing purposes.

Our Visual Content Approach

This post showcases the impression we want to give our target market, one which is professional, yet with an inviting and personal touch. Our use of complementary colors provides a sense of balance across the page while highlighting key points – such as who we are and what services we offer–which makes us seem more trustworthy as a marketing agency.

Our Caption & Hashtag Approach

While the bullet points capture our attention in this image, it is hard to ignore what the caption tells us. There could be hidden messages and meanings behind these images that we may never know of unless someone tells us. Our hashtags have been consistent with marketing for SKY, exposing their marketing campaign to various keywords that people are likely to follow.

The Results

  • Reduced at least 80% of Time Producing and Scheduling Content
  • Increased Efficiency by 60%
  • Saving over $60,000 Annually

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